Vactor Ramjet Truck Series Jetter

Meet our solution for first-response jetting emergencies. A powerful, truck-mounted sewer jetter that consistently delivers performance, versatility, operating ease and maneuverability. The newest generation of the Vactor Ramjet is equipped with the latest technology for precise, foolproof sewer jetting.

Multiple configurations, features and storage compartment options are available. All together, you can count on a compact, mobile unit that packs a punch. Just park and start jetting.

Ramjet Truck Series Jetter Features

The Vactor Ramjet is a foundational tool for fast-paced work environments, and this newest model takes its previous innovations even further:

  • IntuiTouch® one-touch in-cab controls for PTO activation at the touch of a button
  • IntuiTouch control panel that combines all cleaning system functions into one control panel
  • Low maintenance Jet Rodder® Water Pump provides smooth continuous flows and optional “jackhammer” action
  • Park-N-Clean™ technology literally lets an operator park right near a manhole to start cleaning in mere minutes
  • Patent pending H.A.L.O.™ (Hands-Free Accessory Light Option) brings a new level of safety and efficiency to every jobsite
  • Exclusive Modul-Flex design provides for maximum capacities and optimum weight distribution
  • E-Stops are located at all operator control points to maximize safety for both the operator and equipment
  • Front or rear-mount hose reel options
  • Rotating rear hose reel with available integral shroud for superior performance in cold weather
  • Rear hose reel rotates a total of 180 degrees, 90 degrees to curb side, 90 degrees to street side
  • Front-mounted hose reel option can telescope up to 15 inches forward and rotate up to 270 degrees
  • Stainless steel water tank offers greater strength and corrosion protection and comes with a 10-year warranty
  • Superior cold weather operation that includes separate storage for wet and dry items
  • An array of options to customize your Ramjet jetter to meet your specific needs
Sewer Wastewater Vactor Ramjet Truck Series