McNeilus refuse trucks side loaders

McNeilus Side Loaders
Versatility at its finest

McNeilus side loaders stand out for their adaptability to almost any residential route, offering a variety of vehicles to meet your needs. This includes the efficient Zero Radius (ZR)™ and AutoReach® models with unique arm designs for effective collection, and the versatile Manual/Automated side loader, ideal for both automated and manual operations.

Standard on all models are McNeilus-exclusive Excalibre™ packing cylinders with patented technology to minimize wear and hydraulic contamination. Other highlights include a superior paint process for enhanced durability, the McNeilus CODE™ controls system on the ZR Side Loader for advanced diagnostics, and an optional cart tipper for the Manual/Automated model to simplify manual loading.

Side Loader Models

Curbside Automation Technology

A next-generation approach to side loader waste collection. Gain an additional layer of efficiency and increase productivity with AI-powered cart recognition technology, enabling effortless pickup at the single touch of a button.


Recognition & Alignment

Cutting-edge AI recognition and autonomous alignment boost confidence in operation and enhance the efficiency of data collection. This innovation significantly trims down the training period and minimizes operator fatigue.


Autonomous Pickup

CartSeeker's innovative technology effortlessly detects waste carts and streamlines both their alignment and the lift arm's dumping process, significantly enhancing operational efficiency. Manual mode is readily available for activation if needed.

Accelerate Training

AI cart detection and monitoring helps streamline the training process, significantly easing the initial challenge for newcomers behind the wheel.

Increase Productivity

Reduce how often drivers need to leave their vehicles, enhancing safety for all operators.

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