Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper

For a sweep system with extra high dump capabilities and highway transport abilities: look no further than the Elgin Eagle four-wheel mechanical (broom) sweeper.

Elgin Eagle Mechanical Street Sweeper

Whether you’re working in a neighborhood, lot or city street, the Elgin Eagle makes the job more manageable by improving productivity and transportation times. 

Standard Features:

  • Variable high-dump range
  • Conventional cab-over chassis
  • Highway speeds
  • No-jam conveyor
  • Optional elevator squeegee system
  • Wide-sweep path
  • Built for operator comfort and control during transport 
  • Ultra versatile design to take on a variety of jobs

Elgin Eagle Waterless Street Sweeper

The Waterless Elgin Eagle Street Sweeper is intended for year-round sweeping. This model was designed to conserve water and minimize dust emissions simultaneously, making it an environmentally friendly machine.

Standard Features:

  • Patented Waterless Dust Control System with proven dry sweep performance and low dust emissions 
  • Waterless technology eliminates untimely filling of water tanks and mud build up on sweeper components
  • Reduces unit clean-up times
  • Reduces water usage footprint
  • Picks up road silt leftover from water-based, dust-controlled sweepers

Elgin Eagle Industrial Street Sweeper

The industrial model easily handles heavy, compacted dirt and bulky debris as well as smaller particles common to industrial applications. 

Standard Features:

  • Dual cab controls for ease of operation
  • Ability to pick up debris up to 9 inches in size
  • Variable height side-dump hopper with side shift
  • Small-particle pickup for the safe removal of water-reacting material
Street Maintenance Elgin Eagle Mechanical Street Sweeper