Vactor 2100i Combination Sewer Cleaner

The Vactor 2100i is the ultimate sewer cleaning truck configuration. Automated high-pressure water jetting and remarkable vacuum power—all in one package. When it comes to keeping pipes debris-free, the Vactor 2100i is setting the standard for professional contractors and public utilities.

Whether you’re looking to rent or buy, MacQueen Equipment is your local Vactor dealer connection when the water starts rising.

Vactor 2100i Features

See the difference in the way your crew performs with the industry’s highest-quality vac truck. Simple controls, reduced operator fatigue, and jetting/vacuum power that improves work performance and productivity. We’ll stop by your job site for a demo.

  • Choose from a Positive Displacement model for pulling material long distances or Single and Dual Fan models for all-around sanitary and storm sewer cleaning.
  • IntuiTouch™ single in-cab control screen for PTO/Transfer Case Activation that is as simple as pushing a button
  • IntuiTouch operator control station that features a singular, adjustable control panel for operator ease and comfort during all sewer cleaning functions
    • 7” easy-to-read screen to monitor critical data from the sewer cleaning system and chassis
  • Optional wireless controls, including updated belly pack and handheld remotes featuring a view screen for monitoring key operational functions when working away from the truck
  • Optional RDB 1015™ Rapid Deployment Boom telescopes out 10 ft. and extends the debris hose down 15 feet: minimizing the need for additional tubes and speeding tear-down
  • JetRodder® Water Pump ranges available from of 0 to 100 GPM and pressures up to 3000 PSI
    • Includes “Jackhammer” feature for long runs or difficult blockages
    • Configure for sewer cleaning, hydro excavation, catch basin cleaning—or all three.

Vactor 2100i Options:

  • Cold weather recirculation system
  • Liquid debris pump-off system
  • Debris flush-out system
  • Fail-safe hydraulic door locking system
  • Water tank capacity up to 1,500 gallons
  • Pump delivery system up to 120 gpm
  • Hose reel capacity up to 1,000 ft.
  • Automatic hose level wind guide
  • Safety warning lighting packages
  • Hydro-Excavation Kits
  • Water Recycler Model

Vactor 2100i PD Model

Our Positive Displacement (PD) model is ideal for pulling material long distances.

With blower offerings providing inlet volumes in excess of 5000 CFM and 18 Hg vacuum, the Vactor 2100i PD is the machine you need to tackle your deepest pulls. In addition, our multi-stage blower filtration system is the most productive of its kind, and unique design features make the 2100i the most operator friendly unit available.

Vactor 2100i Fan Models

For all around service, choose a single engine, single or dual stage fan model Vactor combination sewer cleaner.

Vactor’s fan system is the right choice for all-around sanitary and storm sewer cleaning. Whether equipped with a single or dual (for greater vacuum) fan system, our lightweight, perfectly balanced aluminum fan provides superior performance to handle your toughest jobs. Our unique system also minimizes energy consumption while maximizing performance.

Vactor 2100i Fan CB Model

When you need a dedicated catch basin cleaner, Vactor brings you a model that has all the advantages of our industry-leading 2100i.

The 2100i CB features cutting-edge technology that reduces operator fatigue, simplifies maintenance, improves performance, and brings you greater long-term value. The 2100i CB has the power you need to clean out the most stubborn rocks, dirt, leaves and litter. Read more…

Vactor 2100i Recycler Model

Imagine saving hundreds of thousands of gallons of fresh water every year as you maintain and repair sewer lines. By eliminating the need to refill a water tank on the Vactor 2100i Recycler combination sewer truck,, you drive up productivity, saving time, effort and expense. Read more...

Recycler advantages:

  • Increases productivity up to 100% as you clean more lines in less time with fewer interruptions
  • Reuses water already in the sewer, eliminating the need for fresh water
  • Simple to operate with no moving parts in the body or tanks. Press one button and go.
  • 5-Step Water Filtration Process combines settling, centrifugal separation and absolute filtration to 100 microns.
  • Absolute water filtration eliminates most abrasive particles to protect the water pump, hoses, nozzles and sewer lines, allowing you to recycle the same water over and over again.
  • Cuts fuel costs by eliminating the need to travel from job sites to refill the tank.
Sewer Wastewater Vactor 2100i fan sewer cleaner