TRUVAC FLXX Hydro Excavator

The TRUVAC FLXX is a flexible vac truck providing maximum payload, performance and productivity in a small and maneuverable package. It’s the perfect safe-digging machine for a wide range of applications: locating utility lines, trenching, potholing, daylighting, and other complex jetting jobs. The TRUVAC FLXX delivers precise power in a mid-size package, with lower operating costs than larger machines.

FLXX Hydro Excavator Features

The TRUVAC FLXX mid-size hydro vac offers job-site versatility in a compact, powerful package.

  • Excavate safely around utilities with water (or air) 
  • Vacuum, contain, and dispose of drill mud
  • Power pneumatic, hydraulic, or electric tools
  • Control water pressure with the press of a button using DigRight® patented technology 
  • Can be customized to fit your specific needs

FLXX Hydro Excavator Specs

  • 6" vacuum system
  • Power-raise boom extendable to 22 ft., 340° rotation
  • 50° tilting 10 yd3 debris body
  • Vacuum: Positive displacement blower rated at 16 in-HG and 3200 cfm
  • Water Jet: 10 gpm @ 3,000 psi water pump

Dig Safe with MacQueen Equipment

The TRUVAC FLXX® hydro excavator is available to rent or own. Either way—our team is available to help your crew get acquainted with the machinery and dig safely.

Our experienced product training specialists can train your crew in a variety of applications. We’ll orientate operators in hydro-excavation concepts, share best practices for equipment maintenance and productivity, and keep everybody safe on the job.

Read more about our on-site training options.

Truvac FLXX Hydro Excavator

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