Trackless MT7 Municipal Tractor

Other power units are either too small in size and power to get the job done in a reasonable amount of time or are too large to work within the space required. The MT7 municipal tractor is rugged and ready to work in the most severe conditions. Take on sidewalk snow removal, mowing, sweeping, de-icing, landscaping, construction and so much more. This ultra-compact machine makes it happen: 365 days a year.

Trackless MT7 Municipal Tractor Specs:

  • John Deere 4.5 LT Tier 4 Engine; 74 HP
  • Speeds up to 19 mph
  • A full suite of automated shutoffs and safety features.
  • Backup cameras and alarms.
  • Strobe, reflectors and lighting for enhanced visibility.
  • Cab built for operator comfort and safety.
  • Overall length including rear bumper - 149.5"
  • Overall width including fenders - 55.5”
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