Envirosight Verisight Pro+ Push Camera

Verisight Pro+ push camera offers everything you need to inspect drain pipes and laterals, document your findings and generate reports for on-site delivery.

Verisight Pro+ Push Camera Features

Capture every detail of the pipe you’re inspecting. Rapidly see everything you need to troubleshoot drain problems.
  • Standup reel for field use. 130’, 200’ and 330’ reel options available.
  • High-resolution imager captures crisp color footage. Zoom 3X on captured video.
  • Self-leveling axial camera maintains upright orientation at all times.
  • Stainless steel axial camera construction withstands harsh conditions.
  • Wide wheelbase accessory available for easy transport over rough ground.

Verisight Pro+ Push Camera Specs

  • Inspect pipes as small as 2” and optimize your view in lines 3” and larger using the supplied adapter kit (includes three centering devices, maneuverability collar, and wrench for quick installation).
  • Camera size: 1.6” dia.
  • 6-hour lithium ion battery
  • Composition: Welded steel
  • LEDs deliver shadowless, adjustable illumination up to 12K lux (at 6”)
  • Captures up to 90 hours of video and images
  • Easily ffload inspections via USB drive or SD card
  • 8” full color digital display for instant viewing + full QWERY keyboard
  • Log observations to generate basic reports, or for upload to WinCan (both optional).
Sewer Wastewater Envirosight Verisight Pro Plus