McNeilus refuse trucks Rear Loaders

McNeilus Rear Loaders
Requested For Reliability

Looking for a refuse vehicle that sets the bar for all others? Find it here with the top workhorse in the industry. You’ll get reliable performance and one of the most versatile product lines of rear loading refuse trucks, with features and options, such as a container tipper kick bar for commercial pickup and cart tippers for residential routes, to make collection easier. Our rear loader design also requires less maintenance over the competition, such as fewer lubrication points on the tailgate and self-lubricating slide shoes.

The McNeilus Rear Loader line is the ultimate go-to in refuse vehicles. And, are the most requested, productive and dependable rear loaders for residential and light commercial routes.

Rear Loader Models

McNeilus ePTO Advantages

McNeilus’ exclusive ePTO (electric power take off) technology features a self-contained system which is optimized and dedicated to powering body functions. It's designed for consistent collection performance, no matter the electric chassis brand.

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