Elgin Pelican Street Sweeper

The industry’s number one best-selling sweeper. The Elgin Pelican three-wheel broom sweeper sets the standard for productivity and reliability. Elgin machines deliver superior performance, state-of-the-art technology, and superior operator comfort. MacQueen Equipment has been the premier dealer for Elgin products for over sixty years.

Elgin Pelican - Mechanical Sweeper

The Elgin Pelican street sweeper is the original three-wheel mechanical sweeper.

Standard Features:

  • Isolated cab for cleaner, quieter operation
  • 360° degrees of operator visibility
  • Easy to maneuver with rear steer
  • 10-foot sweeping path
  • Single-lane dumping
  • Front-mounted, variable high dump hopper
  • Elgin exclusive chevron, no-jam conveyer belt
  • Easy access for service and maintenance
  • Sweep system that easily handles heavy, compacted dirt and bulky debris.

Elgin Pelican - Waterless Sweeper

Elgin’s innovative waterless dust-control feature makes it possible to use the waterless Pelican for reliable year-round sweeping, water conservation, and low particle emissions. The design also eliminates the use of water on reactive compounds (such as concrete).

Standard Features:

All the popular, standard features and outstanding sweeping performance of the Pelican are maintained on the environmentally friendly waterless model, while also offering:

  • Dust skirting system
  • Dust separator in the hopper
  • Dust control fan with a maintenance-free filter

These components work together to control fugitive dust without the use of spray water. Ideal for picking up winter road salt, cinders, and sand quickly and efficiently, in all weather conditions.

Waterless Sweeping Benefits:

  • Unmatched dust control
  • Eliminates untimely filling of water tanks
  • Picks up ultra-fine particles
  • Delivers environmental benefits plus significant water conservation
  • Single-engine is powered by a low emissions engine that meets EPA greenhouse gas emissions requirements

Elgin Pelican - Industrial Sweeper

Tackle industrial debris in plants and factories. The Elgin Industrial Pelican with waterless dust control is designed for customers who need to sweep heavy, dry materials while keeping dust emissions to an absolute minimum.

Standard Features:

  • 360° degree visibility cab provides a clear view of the yard surroundings
  • 3-wheel design provides unparalleled maneuverability in factory compound environments
  • Fully sealed cab with filtered fresh air intake and re-circulation
  • Conveyor launch ramp that aids in picking up the fine debris
  • Boron runners for longevity
  • Elevated front dumping hopper for unloading into containers or trucks