WAAS Boring and Cable Inc. - TRUVAC HXX


Manufacturer: TRUVAC
Model: HXX
  • 12-yd. debris body

  • 1,200 gal. tank

  • 27” PD Blower

  • 20 GPM Cat Pump

  • Two operator stations

  • Cold weather package

  • 800,000 btu water heater

  • Waas Boring & Cable Inc. is a family owned business which was established April 1, 1969.  For more than 50 years, Waas Boring & Cable, Inc., has provided services in the telecommunication industry by supplying equipment and man power to place cable in the ground as well as aerial cable. Waas Boring & Cable also performs sewer lateral and waterline projects with capabilities and experience to perform rock and river bores. Thanks to this unit, Hydro Excavating is now available.