City of Northfield - Larue D60 Snow Blower


Manufacturer: Larue
Model: D60 Dual Auger Blower

The city of Northfield brought home their new dual-auger D60 loader-mounted snowblower. 

The D60 is the largest in the series of two-stage, dual auger blowers in the Larue family. 

The double-auger conveyor is most effective against compact, hardened snow windrows, and ice. Perfect for carving through snowbanks, widening roads, and clearing commercial parking lots.

Performance: 3,500 tons per hour 

Casting distance: 150 ft. 

Working width: 114 inches

Working height: 60 inches 

Minimum loader size: 3 YD

Additional features: Hardox® 500 directional spot casting chute with 2-section deflector, wired joystick control, 4.3" LCD screen, 2 frame-mounted LED lights, 2 chute-mounted LED lights, Hardox® 550 drum liner, tungsten carbide skid shoes, Hardox® 550 scraper blade, emergency stop buttons, level indicator on the spot casting chute, and a block heater.

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