City of Maple Grove, MN - Vactor 2100i


Manufacturer: Vactor
Model: 2100i Combination Sewer Cleaner


Exciting day in Maple Grove, Minnesota! The Public Works crew took delivery of their brand new #2100i Combinator Sewer Cleaner.

This unit includes a pusher axle to help the truck increase payload capacity and distribute weight (and stay bridge law compliant).

The city also added the RDB, which eliminates the need for additional tubes and reduces operator fatigue. Perfect for municipal operation, where they rarely extend the boom over 20 ft.

The crew is excited to start using the hydro-excavation functions. They wrapped up training this week!

The Vactor 2100i is all about putting the operator first: safe, productive, comfortable with technology that's actually easy to use. 

  • IntuiTouch® one-touch  controls 
  • Control panels inside and outside the cab. 
  • Rapid Deployment Boom that telescopes out 10’ and extends the debris hose down 15’ eliminating the need for additional tubes
  • Quieter engine design, high ground clearance, lower water fill point and other features to improve the operator experience
  • Dig with water! Low maintenance Jet Rodder® Water Pump provides precision hydro excavation action