Coon Rapids, MN - Trackless MT-7 Sidewalk Tractor + Attachments


Manufacturer: Trackless
Model: Trackless MT-7 + Attachments
  • John Deere 4.5 LT Tier 4 Engine; 74 HP
  • Speeds up to 19 mph
  • A full suite of automated shutoffs and safety features.
  • Backup cameras and alarms.
  • Strobe, reflectors and lighting for enhanced visibility.
  • Cab built for operator comfort and safety.
  • Overall length including rear bumper - 149.5"
  • Overall width including fenders - 55.5”
  • Compatable with over 50 different Trackless attachments for snow removal, mowing, sweeping, de-icing, landscaping, construction and so much more
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Ribbon Blower Attachment: 

  • Accepts either a sidewalk chute, truck loading chute or our telescopic chute.
  • Depending on the job, you can quickly change from the sidewalk chute to the truck loading chute to load the snow from the street into an awaiting truck.
  • The telescopic chute gives you the best of both worlds, allowing the operator to change the height of the chute from within the cab of the Trackless MT.
  • This one is 51-inches. Available in multiple configurations, up to 84 inches. 
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Front Flail Attachment: 

  • 1100 pounds
  • Cutting width of the attachment is 74″.
  • The rotor tube is 4″ diameter, and includes ¼” wall drawn over mandrel (DOM) tubing with a 1 7/16″ through shaft
  • Mower is PTO driven with the final drive by way of two V belts and a spring-loaded idler.
  • Two caster wheels are 16″ x 4″ with flat-free laminated tires
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