Pierce Rescue Trucks

Rescue operations have evolved, and Pierce is bringing you the future of heavy-duty rescue apparatus. Whether you need space for extrication tools, medical equipment, personnel transport, or incident command, Pierce rescues are customized for any level of response. Interiors are configured around specific needs to maximize storage and user capabilities.

Pierce Rescue Applications

The role of a firefighter is always changing. We can help you find a truck that can perform rescue operations in any environment, or every environment.

  • Accident response
  • Medical emergencies
  • Firefighting support
  • Dive and water rescues
  • Disaster recovery efforts
  • Hazmat response
  • Explosives disposal
  • Air & light support
  • Incident command

What challenges is your community up against? Let’s build a truck that saves more lives.

 Macqueen Equipment Pierce Fire Truck Rescue