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MacQueen Emergency offers a wide array of quality firefighter equipment, fire rescue products, and firefighting apparel in Minnesota, Wisconsin, MissouriSouth Dakota, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, and Iowa. No matter your safety situation, we are the one-stop source for all of your emergency equipment needs.

We offer demonstrations to help you pick the right emergency equipment and ongoing service and maintenance to keep your firefighting equipment, fire gear, and fire apparel in top operating condition. We're committed to putting quality products to work for you, from extrication tools to turnout gear, fire helmets, SCBAs, and more. Additionally, we are proud to offer lifetime support for all of your firefighting equipment needs—technically-driven products, technically-tailored support.

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The MacQueen Way

When you choose to work with MacQueen Emergency, you’re not just buying a fire apparatus or piece of equipment, you are buying into the MacQueen Way—full-service, total customer ownership for the lifetime of your purchase.


Product Training Specialists

Every purchase comes standard with product training from the true experts in the industry, covering proper operation, safety, and maintenance.


Parts Support

We aren’t big on making promises, but when it comes to parts support, we promise to be there when you need us. We have several locations in the Midwest that carry the parts you need for your fire apparatus and equipment. If you need on-site parts support, just contact us.


Service Support

Service support is our number one priority. Our service centers feature factory-trained technicians, detailed maintenance plans, and fast turnaround times. From the moment of purchase until the very last run, our team is available with service support.

Your fire trucks and emergency equipment will last a long time, and we look forward to being with you every step of the way. Questions? We can help. Troubleshooting? That’s our specialty. Lean on our team when your team needs a hand.


Sales Rep and Service Locator

If you’re interested in learning more about MacQueen products or services, take a moment to find a Sales Rep and Service Center near you. We’ll pair you with your local support team and get you started on the path to learning more about how MacQueen can help you meet your equipment, parts and service needs.

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