Pro-Tech Extrication Gloves

Pro-Tech 8 X+R Pro

  • Glows in the dark for safety operations at night
  • TPP Backside: 81
  • Orange Kevlar FR: Will not burn, melt or drip
  • Highest level of cut resistance
  • Water resistant
  • Impact resistant
  • Breathable Moisture Barrier for added Viral and Contamination protection

Pro-Tech 8 Fusion Pro

The Fusion is made from 100% water-resistant, FR treated goatskin. Goatskin has a high natural oil content which makes it soft and pliable. It’s more durable than cowhide, much lighter and more flexible.

The Fusion is available in Long Cuff with a debris blocker the extends the glove body for protection at the vulnerable glove-sleeve interface.

Pro-Tech 8 Stinger

The Pro-Tech 8 Stinger is the only rescue glove on the market with a TPR flame-resistant and impact resistant outer shell. 

Sporting a 5-level cut resistant palm and inner liner, the Stinger is flexible yet offers maximum protection. The fingertips are reinforced with rubberized Kevlar and the palm is gel reinforced with strategically placed leather patches for ultimate comfort and grip.

Pro-Tech 8 Rope K

The brand new Pro-Tech 8 Rope K – Kangaroo Leather Rope glove has a 100% kangaroo leather palm and finger patches for amazing durability and grip.

Kevlar patches at the knuckle and thumb add durability and protection.

Pro-Tech 8 X+R

Unlike other extrication gloves the X+R is flame resistant and certified to SFI 3.3/Level 5 for the Automotive/Racing Industry. The cut resistant coated Kevlar, padded palm, blood borne pathogen barrier and Kevlar/cotton inner liner all come together to make the X+R a highly functional and protective extrication glove.

Pro-Tech 8 B.O.S.S. LITEX

The Pro-Tech 8 B.O.S.S. Litex and Extreme Gloves are your Best Offensive Safety Solution for technical rescue, rope rescue, extrication, specialty, clean up and utility applications. The most advanced and innovative multi-purpose gloves on the market today.

Pro-Tech 9 I.C.E.

The Pro-Tech 8 ICE is the glove for any disaster. With a full Kevlar outer body and liner and a coated Kevlar padded palm the ICE has the best protection and grip for digging through building materials, concrete, rebar, sheet metal and using heavy machinery.