MacQueen is a Certified CAAS Remounter

CAAS Remount KO-1

MacQueen Emergency is a Commission on the Accreditation of Ambulance Services Certified Remount Facility that specializes in remounting and refurbishing ambulances from all manufacturers to a "like new" condition on a chassis of your choice. Our operations strictly adhere to KKK, FMVSS, and DOT standards to ensure the highest quality for your remount.

CAAS Certified Remount Guidelines


MacQueen adheres to all recommended guidelines and specifications related to the new chassis, as well as the installation of components and equipment in the remounted vehicle. This includes ensuring the compatibility of key components with the make and year model of the chassis being used.

Prior to production, MacQueen conducts a series of steps to assess the feasibility of the proposed remount vehicle. This process involves visually inspecting the ambulance body module to determine its condition and suitability for continued service life, including its compatibility with the new chassis.

Additionally, as part of the viability process, MacQueen will provide a Scope of Work document outlining a detailed proposal to the customer. This document will also confirm compliance with FMVSS requirements, weight balance, and payload analysis, with a minimum payload of 1,500 pounds required.

Furthermore, any additional deficiencies or defects discovered during the production process will be promptly communicated to the purchaser for mutually agreed-upon remediation. MacQueen will maintain written documentation of each step of the production process, including evaluation of the original vehicle, engineering analysis for major modifications, the production sequence, and quality control checks.